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The International meetings of early music in Trégor (Rimat), at Lanvellec (22) are shaken by an unprecedented crisis. Saturday February 20, the general assembly of the organizing association of the Festival of Lanvellec and Trégor, of international renown, was held in town hall to, in particular, elect a provisional office and its president (the fourth in less than four years ). The meeting took place “in a stormy climate in the presence of a bailiff”. The words are from Christian Langenfeld, general and artistic director of the festival since 2016. Anyone who occupies one of the association’s three paid positions is the subject of a complaint for moral harassment from an employee.

This complaint, of which we were aware, was filed on February 15 at the Lannion police station. The complainant, hired in May 2020, explains that she is on sick leave and has suffered, since October, “individual and professional harassment”. Loose, Christian Langenfeld would blame him for his lack of hygiene and his clothing. One day, he takes away the chair she occupies: “You stay up or you go back to your office”. He describes her as “irresponsible”, while depriving her of work, utters hurtful and even insulting words. In a letter to the Directorate of Labor, the complainant confided her extreme fatigue.

“Pure calumny” according to Christian Langenfeld

In support of her comments, the complainant produced two letters from former employees who had resigned. Véronique and Solène

say they were driven to resign by the behavior of Christian Langenfeld. The first speaks of a “climate of anguish”, of an argument which ends in tears, of a work stoppage which leads to his “sidelining”, of withholding of information. Both evoke verbal excesses towards volunteers, disabled people or children of an employee. At the end of 2019, explains Solène, Christian Langenfeld explains that his festival is aimed at the elites, that it is illusory to address everyone, “the majority of people are stupid”. The two former employees, finally, deplore the wait-and-see attitude of the association to which they blame the lack of consideration in the face of their repeated alerts.

“It is pure slander and I am determined to file a complaint in my turn,” responded Christian Langenfeld, Saturday, shortly after the general assembly of Rimat. We asked him several times on Sunday so that he could react to the accusations against him. In vain. “It fell on us, explains the new president, Karine Launay, informed of the accusations only a few days ago. I have never been to these scenes. We do not question anyone’s word. We must let justice work ”. The association now intends to contact a lawyer before deciding on the follow-up to this crisis, in terms of its operation.

* The first names have been changed.

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