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Chaos at Gatwick as shortage of air traffic control forces flight diversions

Thousands of passengers are facing delays or diverted flights this evening due to a lack of air traffic control staff at London Gatwick Airport.

Pilots are being warned of “major delays all evening” due to the problem, according to the European aviation agency, Eurocontrol.

More than a dozen flights were diverted to airports as far away as Cardiff. Two Air India flights landed at Heathrow.

A spokesperson for London Gatwick Airport said: “Due to a short-term absence of staff in the air traffic control tower, temporary air traffic control restrictions have been put in place this following -noon. This will cause some delays.

Passengers were warned of “major delays” all evening


“London Gatwick would like to apologize to all passengers who have been affected by these restrictions. Please contact your airline for more information.

“NATS is a world-class air traffic services provider and senior management at London Gatwick recognizes how hard the airport’s air traffic controllers work to keep operations moving. We are working closely with NATS to strengthen the resilience of the airport control tower to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.


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