Channing Tatum is a creepy tech billionaire in new trailer for Zoë Kravitz’s ‘Blink Twice’

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Channing Tatum in the “Blink Twice” trailer.


Blink and you’ll miss the new trailer for director Zoë Kravitz’s upcoming thriller starring Channing Tatum.

Kravitz released the first trailer for “Blink Twice,” his directorial debut, on Tuesday, and it’s every bit as scary as the title sounds.

“So everyone’s dead,” Tatum says at the start of the trailer for the psychological thriller. “Let’s start from the beginning.”

Tatum, who plays a tech billionaire, is seen in the trailer as charming actress Naomi Ackie’s character Frida and her friend (Alia Shawkat) at a swanky party. It’s not long before the duo are invited to their private island, where the goal seems to be to spend every moment partying, dining finely, and lounging in the sun. Until it doesn’t.

“There’s something weird going on here,” says a character played by Christian Slater, who also stars in the film.

Indeed, there are. Frida’s friend seems to disappear, people forget chunks of time, and things seem to get violent and bloody.

According to an official synopsis, Frida must “discover the truth if she wants to get out of this party alive.”

Simon Rex, Adria Arjona, Haley Joel Osment, Kyle MacLachlan and Geena Davis also star.

Kravitz and Tatum have been romantically involved since 2021 and reportedly got engaged in October.

“Blink Twice” hits theaters on August 23.

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