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CGT activists attacked by other demonstrators in Paris – RT in French

The end of the Parisian demonstration of May 1 was marked by serious violence committed by individuals present in the procession against CGT activists members of the security service. The union condemned the attack.

As the Parisian procession arrived after many setbacks at the Place de la Nation on May 1, CGT activists were violently targeted by a group of individuals present in the procession. In many images published on social networks, we see the union’s order service receding as best they can under a shower of insults and projectiles.

In another video made on site by journalist Clément Lanot, we see these individuals breaking down union vehicles before facing the activists. During the face-to-face meeting, the two camps call each other “fascists”. “CGT collaborators”, we also see tagged on one of the vehicles.

In other videos posted on social networks, including the Loopsider site, a CGT member is seen collapsing after being hit from behind during the altercation.

In a statement published in the evening, the CGT condemned both the violence committed by the police “on the route”, as that perpetrated by demonstrators against its own activists. “Homophobic, sexist, racist insults preceded acts of [vandalisme sur les] vehicles of the organizations, and much more serious, the hatred was expressed by an unleashing of blows and throwing projectiles. Our organization, the CGT, was particularly targeted, ”we read.

As for the attackers, the CGT evokes a “large group of individuals, some of whom claim to be yellow vests”. The union deplores 21 injuries, including four serious. The general secretary of the union, Philippe Martinez, for his part denounced on LCI “serious errors” in the management of the demonstration by the authorities, which, according to him, would only have made matters worse by blocking the procession. He described the paving of union trucks as scandalous.

“Unfortunately, for some time now, people have been coming to do something other than protest, but what should be remembered is the powerful mobilization of May 1st. […] that augurs us for a month of May and June very demanding ”, he declared again.

“It has been years since [black blocs] the demonstrations are rotting for the sole benefit of the powers in place, ”reacted for his part, Communist deputy Stéphane Peu.

According to the Interior Ministry, 17,000 demonstrators marched in Paris on May 1, 25,000 according to the CGT.

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