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Cavani racially insensitive social media post being looked into by FA

The Manchester United striker wrote and then later deleted a reply on his Instagram page which can be deemed as offensive in some contexts

The Football Association is looking into a social media post from Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani, which contained a Spanish term which can be interpreted as offensive.

The Uruguayan posted the reply on his Instagram page on Sunday evening after he had guided Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s to victory against Southampton at St Mary’s scoring twice in the second half.

The 33-year-old was replying to a friend’s congratulatory message but deleted the post after he was made aware of how the wording could be interpreted in the UK.

He shared some of the positive messages he received from fans in the wake of the victory and responded to one post with the message “Gracias n******”.

It is understood that there was no malice in the post and the striker thought he was just sending a friendly message to a friend, which is how he believes it would have been interpreted in his native Uruguay, and he had no idea there would be any issue with it.

When it was brought to his attention of how it could be interpreted, he acted quickly to delete the post. It is understood United are aware of the post but have yet to be contacted by the FA over it.

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva was handed a one game ban and a fine in 2019 after a social media post that made reference to Benjamin Mendy’s race and the FA deemed it was an ‘aggravated breach’ of their rules on social media posting.

More recently, Tottenham playmaker Dele Alli was sanctioned with similar punishment – a one-game ban, a fine and an obligation to undertake an education course – for a joke posted online relating to coronavirus.

The governing body brought in new charging policies and sanctioning guidelines for discrimination by individual participants and spectators at the start of this season and the minimum suspension, for people charged and found guilty of breaching the rules on social media, is three games.

The FA and United have not yet officially commented on the issue.

Cavani joined the Old Trafford side in a free transfer in October and has scored three goals in five substitute appearances in the Premier League.

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