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Catholics attacked by “extreme left enthusiasts” during a commemorative march – RT in French

A procession organized by the diocese of Paris was attacked by several individuals who insulted the pilgrims then threw projectiles at the procession. The police had to use tear gas canisters to disperse the attackers.

On the afternoon of May 29, a Catholic procession – of about 300 participants – organized by the diocese of Paris was attacked by several individuals. The police had to use tear gas and the procession was interrupted to prevent events from escalating.

This “March of the Martyrs” aimed to commemorate the martyred hostages of the Paris Commune and in particular the monks shot on May 26, 1871 rue Haxo in the twentieth arrondissement of the capital. This Catholic procession which started from the square de la Roquette was to arrive at the Notre-Dame-des-Otages church located in the 20th arrondissement.

As evidenced by numerous publications made on the social network Twitter, the procession was taken to task on Boulevard Ménilmontant by several individuals who began to insult the pilgrims and throw projectiles and waste at them. “Break up”, “Down with the Versaillais”, can we hear them shout, before they sing the anti-fascist slogan “Siamo tutti antifascisti!“.

The police, who were mobilized to supervise this religious gathering, had to intervene to prevent the situation from degenerating. As the journalist Jean-Pierre Denis reports, a police officer had to use tear gas to disperse the particularly virulent individuals. According to the writer-journalist, this Catholic procession was “attacked by some excited from the extreme left who play it little Blanqui”.

Damien Rieu, National Rally candidate for the departmental in the Somme, for his part relayed the photo of a man injured in the head, who would have been affected in these clashes.

Reacting to these events, MEP (Identity and Democracy group) Gilbert Collard denounced these actions by attributing them to “Islamogauchists”, stressing that in France, no one could “be at peace”.

From May 15 to 30, the diocese of Paris organized a commemorative week in honor of the martyrs of the Paris Commune. Several religious and apolitical events were notably organized by the parish of Notre-Dame-des-Otages, built on the site of these abuses.

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