Cat with its own ball pit wins pet of the week

This week we laughed while a golden retriever watched a horror movie with his support pillow, and we loved the moment a dog almost euthanized because he was “too old” enjoyed his first puppuccino.

In addition to viral pet stories, our readers sent in nominees for the News week Pet of the week.

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Gatsby, the ragdoll kitten, loves his ball pit.
Debbie Pelletiere

This week’s winner is Gatsby, a ragdoll cat who loves playing in his own ball pit.

Only 5 months old, Gatsby lives with owner Debbie Pelletiere in Elysburg, Pennsylvania.

“I got it after my 13-year-old dog Marley had to be put to sleep,” Pelletiere said. News week. “We’re at the kitten stage. Ragdolls are known for being docile, companionable cats. That’s him in his ball pit.”

Ragdoll cats originated in the 1960s when a woman named Ann Baker from California selectively bred domestic cats to create what is now known as the gentle and affectionate ragdoll.

Famous for limping when picked up, hence the name, they are a highly sought after pet.

But their docile nature doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a little play either. Gatsby’s owner explained that his favorite things are toys, hugs and scratches under the chin.

But above all, Gatsby is a great comfort and friend to his owner. “I’ve had the most heartbreaking year,” she said. “My son died last September and his dog died two months later. Then Marley had to be put to sleep.

“My friends gave me this kitten to help me deal with my grief, which I will never get over, but having to take care of this little guy helps a little,” she said.


Rex the dog
Rex, a two-year-old pit bull and terrier mix, lives in Spanish Fort, Alabama, with owner Michael Miller.
Michael Miller

Our first runner-up this week is Rex, a 2-year-old Pit Bull and Terrier mix who lives with owner Michael Miller in Spanish Fort, Alabama.

“I got him as a puppy and saved his life,” Miller said News week. “He was almost dead when I picked him up.”

With fleas and ticks all over him, Miller rescued the puppy who now lives a life of comfort and happiness.

“He loves going on car rides and sleeping in my bed with me,” his owner said. “I love everything about him, he’s awesome and he loves stuffed animals too.”

Brie the dog
Brie, a Chihuahua, was rescued from an extreme hoarding situation and now lives with her owner in Oakland, California.
Kara Jacobs

Our next finalist this week is Brie, a Chihuahua who was rescued from an extreme hoarding situation and ended up at a shelter in Oakland, California.

“We’ve had it for eight months,” said owner Kara Jacobs. News week. “And in that time, she went from a shy little dog to the queen of them all.”

Jacobs joked that Brie hasn’t lost her hoarding roots. “She has gotten into the habit of hiding things in her box. She particularly likes paper and shiny objects like my jewelry,” said the owner. “His superpower is chewing the covers of library books.”

Recently, the family was nearly struck by tragedy when Brie was caught in a storm. “Brie escaped and ran away during a thunderstorm on her third day in her new home. We are so grateful that she came back to grace us with her antics,” Jacobs said.

Kyia the dog
Five-year-old Kyia is now “completely spoiled” after being rescued at just 10 months old.
Shauna Cohen

Last but not least this week, Kyia was adopted by owner Shauna Cohen when she was just a few weeks old.

“She is now 5 years old and completely spoiled,” Cohen said. News week. “She was always so sweet and happy.”

Adopted from Safe Hands Rescue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she is now living her best life. Cohen said News week: “She loves everyone and everything.”

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