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Castex says Macron ordered “a whole series of investigations” into the Pegasus affair

Jean Castex assured that at the request of Emmanuel Macron, a series of investigations had been launched after the recent revelations on the Pegasus affair. He also declined to comment further on the subject.

As reported by Reuters, Jean Castex announced on July 21 that Emmanuel Macron had ordered “a whole series of investigations” following the revelations of several media on the hacking – via the Israeli spy software Pegasus – of phones. journalists, lawyers but also political leaders and opponents in several countries including France. As a reminder, according to recent information from the World, one of the regular numbers of the French head of state appears in a list of potential targets to be hacked that would have drawn up a Moroccan state security service, user of the Israeli spyware Pegasus.

I think it would be a little irresponsible of us to say things

The head of the French government, however, did not wish to speak out on these recent revelations. “I think it would be a little irresponsible of us to say things until we know exactly what it is […] We’ll be looking at this very closely, given the potential severity […] If the facts are true, they are serious, ”he simply declared.

Questioned the day before by the rebellious deputy Alexis Corbière in the National Assembly, the Prime Minister had also decided to kick in touch on the subject. Explaining that the current investigations had “not succeeded”, he had notably declared: “It is therefore not possible for me to explain myself at this stage.”

For its part, the Elysee Palace defended itself from any negligence, asserting that “the president’s telephones [étaient] regularly changed, updated and secured ”. “The security parameters are the most restrictive possible and the installations of applications and downloads are blocked”, explained a source close to the executive quoted by AFP.

While the Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on July 20, Rabat, implicated, denies any involvement for the time being.

The Pegasus software was created by an Israeli company, NSO group, and several states are believed to be clients. In his latest revelations, The world particularly highlights Morocco, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Togo, Rwanda, Bahrain, Mexico, and India.

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