Carolina Acevedo punishes ‘el Negrito’ and betrays a friend on MasterChef Celebrity

The actress goes head-to-head against ‘El Negrito’ and betrays Adrián Parada – credit Canal RCN

The actress Carolina Acevedo, who has been involved in some of the fights, controversies and rivalries in the program Masterchef Celebrity, continues adding points for a new fight. This time, during episode 102 of the culinary program, The Ibaguerian used her advantage again against Iván Ramiro Córdoba, whom we know as ‘Negrito W’.

This fact was taken by the content creator as “something personal” and he assured that he will take revenge as soon as he has the opportunity.

Additionally, Carolina had to choose another partner so that he would not cook during the creative challenge that would give them new benefits, but he left out his colleague Adrian Parada, who considers her one of his best friends within the reality. The comedian stated that this decision was a betrayal.

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The competition in MasterChef Celebrity took another direction. The top 8 finally received the Filipina (the official chef shirt), with which the black aprons disappear and the advantages of minutes are welcomed.

Wearing this shirt made the participants feel like everyone chefs professionals. No one wants to leave the kitchen at this point when they are so close to the final.

“We walked in as if parading, we felt like we were walking like models, we looked more beautiful and elegant,” commented Natalia Sanint about the use of the Filipino in the top 8.

For its part, Carolina Acevedo She assured that she feels very proud to have worn this garment, while Martha Bolaños He said that this brought him good luck, since he started off on the right foot at this new level.

However, the happiness of the moment was short-lived. The smiles faded from the faces of the animated competitors when Carolina had to come to the front and make effective her advantage.

Claudia Bahamón He asked him to choose two of his classmates so that they would not cook during the creativity test, which would reduce their possibility of obtaining benefits. The actress, who already had 15 more minutes, chose ‘el Negrito W’ for the second time, which generated discomfort in the vallenato. Judges Nicolás de Zubiria, Jorge Rausch and Cristopher Carpentier put pressure on the actress to quickly make the choice of the second punished, since she refused to say a name.

Acevedo, before pointing out the affected colleague, defended himself by saying that “this is a competition, and we have all said it here. Even if the advantages make my teammates hate me, I’m going to use them strategically.” He then mentioned the comedian Adrián Parada, who received the news with a good face, but assured that he felt betrayed by who he considered to be a friend.

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