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Carmelo Anthony approves of LaMelo Ball taking on ‘Melo’ nickname, 3-point celebration

The great “Melo” debate of 2021 is finally over.

After the Trail Blazers’ 123-111 win over the Hornets on Monday night, Portland forward Carmelo Anthony ended the bizarre conversation about his status as a true NBA “Melo”, telling reporters he is perfectly fine. acceptable for anyone to use the nickname when in reference to rookie Charlotte LaMelo Ball. Anthony and Ball showed their respect for each other with a jersey swap on the floor after the game.

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Anthony added that Ball is free to use his 3-point celebration. After taking a shot beyond the arc, Anthony typically taps the side of his head three times with three fingers. Ball does a similar celebration, although Anthony noted that he only does one tap.

“I think LaMelo is someone who will be in this game for a long time,” said Anthony. “So the name ‘Melo’, you might as well just keep getting used to it or stick with it. I don’t dwell on it, though. For me, it’s about respect. It’s an honor for him. to have that name, for him to accept it, for him to party. It’s an honor. It’s a blessing. It’s a thing of respect to me. I kiss him. “

Ball could become the main “Melo” in the near future, but Anthony is not finished yet. The future Hall of Famer scored 29 points off the bench against the Hornets, shooting 10 of 19 from the field and 6 of 10 at 3 points. Ball, meanwhile, had a record 30 points to go with eight assists, six rebounds and four steals.

No wonder there is so much admiration for “Melo”.

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