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Capitol police arrest man armed with knives in front of DNC headquarters

U.S. Capitol Police have arrested a Californian accused of weapons after finding several illegal knives in a pickup truck adorned with white supremacist iconography near the Democratic National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill.

Capitol Police said Monday that Donald Craighead, 44, had been charged with possession of prohibited weapons after a special operations division officer on patrol noticed that the Dodge Dakota did not have a license plate. registration visible and stopped the driver around midnight. Police said the officer then spotted a bayonet and machete, two types of knives illegal in Washington, DC, inside the truck. Capitol Police also said Craighead espoused white supremacist rhetoric while under arrest.

Pictures of his car released by the police showed Nazi swastikas on the truck’s side mirror; a pentagram on the steering wheel; what appears to be the word “Confederate” on the scoreboard and other symbols. A pair of horns was also affixed to the front grille of the truck.

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