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Canada’s war of signs captivates the internet

Over the past week, the Canadian town of Listowel has been embroiled in a war of words via commercial signs that has captivated local residents and people around the world.

It started as a battle between two Ontario town companies – Speedy Glass and Dairy Queen (DQ) – and has since spread across town and beyond.

Locals joined in, creating fun mottos for their business sign.

“There are thousands of signs on local businesses from our city only to neighboring towns and counties,” Trevor Cork, owner of Speedy Glass, told the BBC.

He decided to challenge DQ to a war of signs after seeing a similar attempt in Virginia that went viral.

“It really blew up,” he said.

“It has been so uplifting. There was not a single negative comment. The reaction has been absolutely amazing,” said Mr Cork.

People walked around the city, spotting the new additions and some even came from other areas.

“We make people stop by my business just to thank you for making them smile,” Cork said.

A sign in a funeral home reads “Sign war with us?” Big mistake ‘

Mr Cork said the war of signs was a “perfect distraction from what is going on in the world around us now”.

The owner of Speedy Glass said the “war of the signs” had brought the town of just over 7,500 residents together.

“There are businesses competing with each other making fun of each other and people are laughing and smiling at each other again. It has brought our community closer together over the past seven days,” he said.

A young resident even decided to bake a cake for Mr Cork and the company to say thank you for bringing the city together.

Writing on her Facebook page, she said: “This #signwar has been a blessing to this community! Helping small businesses be seen in this difficult time while giving our community a reason to laugh and come together again. Thank you Trevor and your Speedy team for this inspired idea !! “

Others shared their appreciation on the company’s Facebook page.

One person wrote: “Love it! I drove around town today before work to check all the signs !!”

And another said: “It’s awesome. Thanks for initiating it, Trevor. Such a positive vibe around town. Love it.”

But when will the war of signs end?

“It is not known when this will end,” Mr Cork said. “It’s going strong and there are more and more people jumping on board every minute.”

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