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Can you believe  The guys from “Queer Eye” get a Lego makeover.

Fans of Netflix’s “Queer Eye” eagerly awaiting Season 6 may soon find solace in a miniature version of the Fab Five.

Lego unveiled on Tuesday the designs for a set of “Queer Eye” themed toys, which are expected to hit shelves next month. The 974-piece set includes action figures of actors Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness, as well as a replica of the loft that serves as their base.

A small version of Bruley the Dog is also featured, along with former Van Ness music teacher Kathi Dooley, who appeared in the show’s fourth season. The loft also includes a “transformation room” so fans can replicate Dooley’s makeover.

Lego had already recreated the sets of “Friends” and “Seinfeld”, among other television and cinematographic properties.

Matthew Ashton, Lego’s vice president of design, said he hopes the Queer Eye set will remind fans to “celebrate kindness and help each other” amid pandemic and political division.

“In this set, we have captured central themes for both the Lego Group and the show: attention, creativity, learning and fun,” he noted in a Tuesday statement. . “As the Fab Five rebuild people’s lives, our mission is to inspire people to be creative and help rebuild a more positive world.”

The stars of the show, meanwhile, expressed their excitement about seeing themselves as a toy.

“I’m a Lego baby, so why don’t you build me!” Berk wrote on Instagram, in a nod to the lyrics to Beck’s 1993 single, “Loser.”

Van Ness added: “I actually can’t believe !!”

The “Queer Eye” set is priced at $ 99.99 and will be available globally on October 1. The show’s sixth season is set in Austin, Texas, and is slated for release later this year, although no release date has been set.


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