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Campbell Hatton defeats Levi Dunn to seal second professional victory in his hometown of Manchester |  Boxing News

Campbell Hatton sealed a shutout victory over Levi Dunn as he made his winning debut in his hometown of Manchester.

The 20-year-old was battling at the scene of his father Ricky’s world title triumph after a frenzied debut in Gibraltar and he showed more discipline, sealing a 40-36 verdict after four rounds.

Hatton started off at a brisk pace, landing stiff jabs and hurtful body shots as Dunn backed away.

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The 20-year-old made an aggressive start to the fight

A left hook stiffened Dunn’s legs as Hatton eagerly sought a save in the second.

Hatton continued his relentless attack, forcing Dunn to hold on after landing a straight right in the third.

With just three minutes to go, Hatton tried to find a revealing punch to break Dunn’s resistance, hitting more punches to the body, but had to settle for a points victory.

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