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Call of June 18, Delphine Jubillar, mask at school: mid-day update – World

Macron commemorates the appeal of June 18 with two illustrious veterans

President Emmanuel Macron commemorated this Friday the 81st anniversary of General de Gaulle’s appeal of June 18, 1940, in the presence of the last companion of the Liberation, Hubert Germain, the sole survivor of the Kieffer commando, Léon Gautier and Colette Marin-Catherine , the resistance fighter made famous by a recently Oscar-winning documentary. The Head of State attended the traditional military ceremony in the morning at the Mont Valérien memorial near Paris, the main place of execution of resistance fighters and hostages in France by the German army during World War II. He must now fly to Berlin for a working dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. [Plus d’infos]

Disappearance of Delphine Jubillar: the husband presented to a judge

After 48 hours in police custody, Cédric Jubillar is presented this Friday morning before a judge as part of the investigation into the disappearance six months ago of his wife, Delphine Jubillar, a 33-year-old nurse, according to the prosecution of Toulouse. “The custody of Cédric Jubillar has been lifted and he will be brought before a judge”, told AFP the public prosecutor of Toulouse, Dominique Alzéari, who should give a press conference in the aftermath. midday. A source close to the investigation told AFP that he would be indicted for the murder of his wife, whose disappearance he had reported to the gendarmes on the night of December 15 to 16 in Cagnac-les-Mines, near Albi. Painter-drywaller in his thirties, Cédric Jubillar has proclaimed his innocence since the beginning of the investigation. [Plus d’infos]

Cédric Jubillar, June 12, during a white march organized for his wife, missing since December 15. (Fred Scheiber / AFP)


Pediatricians call for the end of the mask in the classroom

They are campaigning “for the end of the school year with a smile!” “The French Society of Pediatrics (SFP), the French Association of Ambulatory Pediatrics (AFPA) and the National Professional Pediatric Council (CNPP) consider, in a press release, that at this stage of the pandemic, children attending primary school could “be exempted from wearing a mask at school, including indoors today”. In Brittany, the number of classes closed due to covid-19 continues to decrease, according to the Rennes academy. As of Thursday, there were only 77, 34 fewer than a week ago. [La crise sanitaire en direct]


Iran elects president, ultra-conservative Raïssi, favorite

The Iranians choose a new president without much enthusiasm on Friday in an election which should be won by the ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raïssi against the backdrop of discontent in a country hit hard by a serious economic and social crisis. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei opened the ballot by voting shortly after 7 a.m. (2:30 a.m. GMT). He called on the 59.3 million Iranians of voting age to fulfill their civic “duty” “as soon” as possible. Head of the Judicial Authority, 60 years old, Ebrahim Raïssi is a favorite archival, for lack of serious competitors after the disqualification of his main opponents. Three other candidates are in the running. According to the rare polls available, abstention could reach an unprecedented level and exceed the record of 57% of the legislative elections of 2020. [Plus d’infos]

Call of June 18, Delphine Jubillar, mask at school: mid-day update – World
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei voted this Friday morning in Tehran for the Iranian presidential election, officially opening the ballot. (Atta Kenare / AFP)

The former mayor of Quimper Ludovic Jolivet sentenced for electoral display out of the nails

This Friday, June 18, the Brest court found guilty the former mayor of Quimper, Ludovic Jolivet, for “electoral display outside the location reserved for the candidate”. He was sentenced to a fine of € 3,000, of which € 2,000 was suspended. As a reminder, during the last electoral campaign, the candidate crisscrossed the districts of Quimper with a van called the Ludomobile, on which his portrait was displayed in large, with the slogan “Let’s continue together”. [Plus d’infos]

Call of June 18, Delphine Jubillar, mask at school: mid-day update – World
The “Ludomobile”. (Benjamin Pontis Archives)

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