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Game publisher Activision has announced that it will use artificial intelligence to listen to “Call of Duty” players’ voice chat and punish anyone who uses it. “hate speech” Or “discriminatory language”.

The feature rolled out Wednesday to U.S. players of Call Of Duty’s “Modern Warfare II” and “Warzone” titles, and will launch globally with “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III” on November 10.

In a statement released Wednesday, Activision said it will use a machine learning tool to “identify in real time and fight against toxic speech”, including “hate speech, discriminatory language, harassment and more. »

Activision’s announcement made no distinction between private chat between teammates and public chat audible to all players on a server. Presumably, both will be subject to the same oversight.

The Call Of Duty Code of Conduct prohibits insults based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, culture, faith and country of origin. Players found to have violated this code of conduct will be punished with temporary voice chat restrictions, temporary account bans, or permanent bans for repeat offenders, Activision said.

Around 90 million players worldwide play Call of Duty every month. Currently, Activision relies on reports from other players and monitoring text chats to weed out “toxic” to drive. According to the developer, around one million accounts have been penalized since the launch of “Modern Warfare II” last October.

The Pentagon led a recruitment drive for Call of Duty – media

Players will not be able to refuse to be listened to, except by completely disabling voice chat.

Purge “hate speech” of Call of Duty will likely appeal to the US military, which reportedly plans to use the game to recruit women and minorities. While the Pentagon has identified Call of Duty as a “potentially useful branding and recruitment tool” it canceled a deal to sponsor in-game ads and an esports tournament at historically black universities in the United States when allegations of sexual harassment within Activision surfaced in late 2021.

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