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California prisons report record high COVID-19 infections

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Happy hump day! I’m Winston Gieseke, philanthropy and special sections editor for The Desert Sun in Palm Springs with some of today’s latest California headlines.

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California prisons report record high COVID-19 infections

State Prison at San Quentin, where California's death row inmates are held.

Coronavirus infections have exploded in California’s prisons, with the highest number of active cases — 3,861 — reported last week. This comes after the state has slowed its early releases of inmates, raising questions about overcrowding as infections spread through the correctional facilities, CalMatters reports.

Between July 10 and Aug. 9, more than 4,000 inmates were set free through early release programs, but releases have since slowed. The nine prisons that have been hit the hardest by COVID-19 are at least 120% over capacity.

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