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California Democrats say pro-Palestinian protesters who broke rules will be ‘held accountable’

Hicks did not specify potential sanctions. The party’s code of conduct states that violators may be banned from attending events or have their delegate status revoked.

The president said he was “deeply saddened and disappointed” by the disruption, saying two security guards were “minorly injured” and Jewish participants “were openly intimidated and harassed.”

“Every delegate, volunteer, staff member and participant has the right to be safe and feel secure in the peaceful expression of their own voice and point of view,” Hicks said.

The conflict in Gaza dominated the convention, highlighting the divide between progressives demanding a ceasefire and pro-Israel Democrats who have failed to achieve that position.

None of the candidates vying for an open U.S. Senate seat have won party support, which requires a 60 percent vote. representative Barbara Lee — the only House Democrat in the race to support a ceasefire — secured a plurality, slightly eclipsing Rep. Adam Schiff.

Many delegates holding ceasefire signs also wore Lee clothing. Activists favoring a cessation of hostilities called it a moral imperative and warned that they would refuse to vote for Democrats who did not join them.

Saturday’s unrest also drew reactions from some Jewish party members who noted that demonstrators were chanting “from the river to the sea,” a Palestinian liberation slogan that can be seen as a call for the removal of violence. State of Israel. Some protesters also chanted “Intifada, Intifada.”

The California Jewish Legislative Caucus said in a statement that some Jewish delegates “now believe it is not safe to participate at all.”

“We fully support the right to protest loudly and clearly. But breaking security and ending a democratic process – especially with chants calling for the destruction of Israel and appearing to justify the Hamas attack – is completely unacceptable,” the group said.

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