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Burst of convictions after a pharmacist was called a “collaborator” – RT en français

On the sidelines of the July 31 demonstration in Montpellier against the extension of the health pass, a pharmacist was copiously insulted as “collaborator” and “murderer” by the demonstrators in a video relayed by Midi Libre.

In Montpellier, during the demonstration against the extension of the health pass on July 31, part of the procession lingered in front of a pharmacy where a stand dedicated to Covid-19 screening was installed. Protesters then insulted the pharmacist of “collabo” and “assassin” as shown in a video published by the daily. Free noon.

The video shows several demonstrators violently questioning the pharmacist before starting to dismantle the arbor, forcing the shopkeeper to leave the premises. This scene immediately aroused the indignation of the political class. Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, defended the pharmacist who “gets up despite fatigue to protect and care for your parents, your relatives, your neighbors”.

Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson, for his part made several accusations against the demonstrators: “Their project? Chaos. Their target? Those who protect us. Their method? Intimidation, violence, ”he tweeted. He then thanked the pharmacists as well as “all the caregivers mobilized in the heart of the summer to protect us.”

“When someone commits an act of violence against journalists, the police or a pharmacist, we no longer discuss, we condemn […] We have to look at the collective balance, ”said Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs, on CNews.

Same tone on the side of Gilles Bonnefond, spokesperson for the Union Syndicale des Pharmaciens. On France Info, he denounced an “inadmissible” and “unworthy” act.

According to the local weekly the Gazette de Montpellier, the police opened an investigation for “threats” and “degradations” at the request of the prosecution. According to the same source, the pharmacist will file a complaint.

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