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Bumper cars, zoo … Taliban have fun (again) in an amusement park in Kabul – RT in english

In new footage filmed on September 13, Islamist fighters can be seen having a good time at an amusement park in the Afghan capital.

Taliban and some of their supporters were filmed on September 13 having a good time at an amusement park in Kabul, Afghanistan. In these images from the Ruptly video agency, we can see them having fun on bumper cars, resting in a park with their weapons by their side, or even visiting the zoo in the Afghan capital.

Abdoul Karim, a fighter interviewed by Ruptly, assures us that the Taliban have “established security everywhere”. And to rejoice: “I’m having fun and everyone you see here are my friends.”

Similar images showing the Taliban having fun in the Bokhdi amusement park in the north of the country had already been released several weeks ago. According to several media, the same place was also the subject of a fire shortly after the broadcast of the images, but the Taliban deny any involvement.

The Islamist group, which regained control of the country after the departure of international troops, has put in place particularly strict measures to apply Sharia law.

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