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BSB vs’ N Sync: The True Story Behind Their Epic Boy Band Rivalry

“We’re on to bigger and better things,” Littrell said of the experience. “And we’re better men for that.”

Ultimately, their respective betrayals brought them together, something “Big Poppa” never imagined and absolutely dreaded, with Wright recalling a great moment just before the groups made their big strides against Pearlman. The two groups were participating in a charity basketball game, with Timberlake, Chasez, Littrell and Carter then heading to McDonald’s. Wright could hear them whispering about Pearlman in the back of the car, with both representatives from each group voicing their grievances.

“This is why he separated the two groups from each other”, The Boy Band Conthe director of Aaron Kunkel Told People, “because he knew that if they started talking to each other, they could start comparing their notes.”

Shortly after, a “livid” Littrell went to the other members and said: “I want to file a complaint”.

The rest of the group also filed lawsuits, as they were Pearlman’s first acts to take legal action against him.

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