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Brooklyn man kills woman and two daughters, then himself

A 9-year-old girl returning home on her birthday Monday night opened her door to a gruesome scene: her mother and two sisters had been shot, police said.

On a walkway in front of the apartment in a housing project in Brooklyn’s Brownsville neighborhood, her father was also dead, police said. Authorities believed that after killing the other members of the girl’s family, he had committed suicide.

Officials had not publicly identified any family members as of Tuesday morning and were working to determine the motive for the brutal killings. In a television interview, city police commissioner Dermot F. Shea said the shootings appeared to be “domestic in nature” but investigators were looking for more information.

“It’s just a terrible situation all around,” Mr. Shea said in an appearance on NY1.

Investigators found a gun with the man and another in the apartment, police said. The mother, 45, and two sisters – one aged 20 and the other a teenager – were all found with head injuries at around 11:20 p.m. The 9-year-old does not appear to have been injured.

The father, 46, was found with a head injury that authorities believed inflicted on himself. Mr Shea said police had video of the incident showing the gunman leaving the apartment before taking his own life.

The family appear to have only recently moved into the apartment and have no history of domestic violence calls, police said. The shooter had not been arrested before, police said.

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