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Broadway’s ‘Aladdin’ closes after just one performance since ‘Re-opening Night’ due to groundbreaking COVID cases

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Just two weeks after celebrating Broadway’s comeback, one of the most anticipated shows closed.

Wednesday night’s performance of “Aladdin” has been called off after positive COVID tests within the cast and crew.

“Aladdin” made his triumphant return Tuesday night, even tweeting a video of his 18-month-old recall in the works, adding #BroadwayIsBack.

But who knew it would be the show curtains in just 24 hours due to groundbreaking cases in the business?

“We were disappointed. We got in the car and listened to the soundtrack as we entered,” Meredith Picone told CBS New York.

Picone brought his 8-year-old son, Tyler, from Stony Brook, Long Island, to see the show, only to be shown the stage door.

“We were shocked and stunned, but we were disappointed,” she said.

It was a longer trip for a group coming from Pontiac, Michigan.

When asked if it was disappointing, Cecelia Wilson replied, “Yes, it was… because I am such a child at heart.”

“That’s why I wanted to come, see this,” said Madison Lee.

With dozens of new shows coming up, it raises concerns about whether other shows could be endangered by COVID as well.

“Broadway has a way, especially even in the Disney movies, they’ve found a way to connect with every generation.… If that affects another Broadway musical, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’, this would be a real shock, ”said Brian Snipes, a resident of the Upper West Side.

For now, “Aladdin” lovers will have to wait for the reopening, when it is.

Customers will be fully refunded for their tickets. It is not known when performance will resume.