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Brittany Wicklein’s aunt says family shocked after body found

APD said the mother of 2 was missing on Thursday. His body was found burning on the side of a road the next morning. The family is now fundraising for his funeral.

SOUTH FULTON, Georgia – On July 7, Brittany Wicklein was planning to celebrate her 32nd birthday by heading to Savannah with her beloved aunt, Melba Scott.

Now the family is instead trying to fundraise in order to plan a proper funeral for the mother of two.

Wicklein’s missing person case has now turned into a homicide investigation after his body was found burning on the side of a South Fulton road.

“It was my Brittany,” says Melba. “She was so outgoing. She was so nice to people. She was young, she was full of life, she gave everything.”

Brittany and her two children lived with Melba, whom she called “Aunt”. Melba said her niece loved music, dancing, was athletic, and was in the medical field.

The mother-of-two, who Melba said always put her family first, moved to Atlanta from Indiana for a better opportunity for her children and a better education.

“She left her purse, my door, her lights on, her makeup like she was coming back right away. I didn’t move a thing either,” Melba added. “I’m telling you we’re so in shock.

Atlanta Police said Wicklein went missing in the area of ​​731 Joseph E. Boone Boulevard on Thursday and was reported by her friend.

Police said surveillance footage showed her getting into a black vehicle. It was the last time she would have been seen.

“About 12 hours after police were contacted and about 27 hours after they allegedly entered the black vehicle, Ms Wicklein’s body was found in the town of South Fulton,” a spokesperson for the Atlanta police.

The next day, the medical examiner confirmed his remains were those found burning in South Fulton around 4:30 a.m. Friday on Jones Road near Campbellton-Fairburn Road.

“You never want a call from the Fulton County Examiner’s office and they say you get off and identify… do you know how hard that was to grab? I jumped out of my vehicle and I put my hands up. I’m still in denial. “

This is the second case involving human remains found under similar circumstances in South Fulton last week.

At around 6 p.m. on June 12, South Fulton Police said they responded to the 4100 block of Union Road following a vehicle fire. There they also found what appeared to be human remains. The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office said these had yet to be officially identified.

“I wish I could go back because I wish I could protect her,” Melba said.

South Fulton Police said they are investigating the two cases and believe they stemmed from incidents in Atlanta. However, they are still investigating the two as separate incidents.

“I’m injured. I don’t know what day it is,” Melba said. “I’m still Wednesday… or Thursday. I don’t know when I’m going to heal. We’re broken right now. We’ve lost someone who was the light of the room for us. We’ve lost someone. He’s going to go. we take years to heal. “

As Atlanta Police and South Fulton Police work together to investigate, Brittany’s family must now pick up the pieces, cry and try to raise money through this online fundraiser.

Melba said Brittany’s children are currently in Indiana with their father and grandmother. The fundraiser will help take care of the two children and help the family move them from Atlanta to Indiana.

“We want to make sure she has the best funeral. We want to make sure the kids have the best education so she can say I did it for them. Anything anyone gives us on GoFundMe goes to her children after the baby’s funeral, ”said Melba.

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