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Britney Spears Netflix Doc Sheds New Light on Kevin Federline’s Divorce


In response, her father Jamie spears‘ lawyer Vivian L. Thoreen told E! News, “Since her public collapse, Jamie has dedicated her life to helping Britney achieve her goals of regaining custody of her children, rehabilitating her career and being able to live the life she wants to live. upside down in her mortgage and facing several lawsuits in 2008, Jamie worked tirelessly to protect Britney from future exploitation, resolve millions of dollars in lawsuits that were pending against her and help her rebuild her finances so that she and her sons are financially healthy again. wants only the best for her. He will never stop loving or supporting his daughter. “

The statement continued, “Jamie does not answer to the court of public opinion; he answers to a court, the probate court. All of his actions were well within the parameters of the authority vested in him by the court. His actions were done with the knowledge and consent of Britney, her duty counsel and / or the court. Jamie’s record as a curator – and the court’s approval of his actions – speak for themselves. -same. “

In the post, Spears mentioned that she gave her brother Bryan spears a $ 2 million apartment and her mother Lynne spears a $ 4 million estate in Louisiana. As for his father? “The best job in show business,” the letter read.