Britney Spears Exits Chateau Marmont With Friends After Ambulance Called to Hotel

Published: 7:21 p.m. PDT, May 2, 2024

Britney Spears is sparking fresh concerns over her well-being after she was photographed leaving a popular West Hollywood hotel.

The 42-year-old pop star was spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont on Wednesday evening after an ambulance was called to the hotel on the Sunset Strip. At this point, it’s unclear if the ambulance was called for Spears, who was with her former housekeeper, Paul Richard Soliz.

Spears can be seen walking barefoot, wrapped in a brown blanket and holding a pillow. She appears to be wearing short white shorts. She left the scene alone with others. The pop star did not get into the ambulance summoned to the hotel.

An eyewitness told ET: “Britney went out with Paul Richard Soliz and a few others. Someone gave her a blanket to throw and she had a pillow covering her front. She took a few steps, turned around and returned, without entering the gurney they had brought. Although it is unclear whether the ambulance was called for Spears, the eyewitness adds that a woman in Spears’ entourage was seen in it. talking with paramedics.

Britney Spears seen leaving the famous Chateau Marmont hotel on Wednesday, May 1, 2024 in West Hollywood, California.Rear grille

As for the ambulance called to the scene, a Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson told ET, the LAFD received a 911 call around 12:42 a.m. this morning (May 2, 2024) requesting assistance with an adult female injured but the caller did not provide details regarding the injury. An LAFD paramedic ambulance responded to the scene. At this time, the spokesperson continued, it is unclear whether the paramedic team met the injured person or offered medical assistance. The paramedic left the Chateau Marmont at 1:17 a.m. without transporting anyone to the hospital. The spokesperson also added that there was no response from law enforcement to this call.

ET reached out to Spears for comment, but a source tells ET that Spears is now safe at home and doing well.

On Thursday, Spears posted – then deleted – an Instagram post in which she apparently sought to dispel reports of her whereabouts the night before. She posted a photo of what appeared to look like an AI-generated image of a man on the beach, but it was in the caption that Spears seemingly refuted the photo showing her barefoot as she exited the Chateau Marmont.

“Just so people know…the news is fake!!! Most of the photos are duplicates and I think most know that!!!” » said the legend. “I wish there was respect right now so people understand I’m getting stronger every day!!! The truth sucks so can someone teach me how to lie??? Goddesses out there- low, I’m reaching my higher power and what’s more, I hope you guys are too!!! I need a new toothbrush right now!!! PS… I need an espresso!!! !!! PSS…I don’t know why I feel the need to share this…I guess I’m just a girl and I’m on my period so I’m a slut…shit.”

Britney Spears posted and then deleted this post on Thursday as she apparently sought to dispel reports that she was photographed barefoot leaving the Chateau Marmont Hotel on Wednesday, May 1, 2024 in West Hollywood, California.Britney Spears/Instagram

Hours after deleting her post, Spears took to Instagram and added that she “twisted my ankle last night and had paramedics show up at my door illegally.”

She added: “They never came to my room but I felt completely harassed. I’m moving to Boston!!! Peace.”

The “Toxic” singer later returned to the social network and shared more details about her injury, showing off her bruised foot and blaming her mother, Lynne Spearsto be involved in the events leading up to and following the ambulance call.

“I really twisted my ankle last night,” she says in the video. “It’s so bad. This fucking idiot here is trying to make a move in the living room of the Castle and I fell. I embarrassed myself. And that’s it.”

“I know my mom was involved!!! I haven’t spoken to her in 6 months and she called right after it happened, before the news was out!!! I was framed like she was did it a long time ago!!! I wish I had grandparents!!! I can’t stand her!!! Honestly, I’m going to say it 👍🏻🤷🏼‍♀️! !!” she wrote.

She did not elaborate on how she believed her 68-year-old mother was involved in the incident via mail Thursday evening.

Soliz is the man Spears was previously photographed with in Los Angeles in August following Spears’ split Since Sam Asghari. It was get into the passenger seat with Spears behind the wheel of his Mecedes-Benz coupe.

AND had Previously reported they were spending time together last summer after her split from Asghari. The following month, in September, AND learned that the “Gimme More” singer no longer saw the convicted criminal. At this point, the nature of their relationship is unclear.

On Thursday, ET reported that Spears and Asghari settled their divorce less than a year after the 29-year-old fitness trainer filed for divorce. The former couple, who got married in June 2022had a prenuptial agreement in place. According to documents obtained by ET, Asghari will not receive any financial compensation or spousal support as part of the settlement.


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