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Britney Spears’ biggest revelations about the woman in me

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Falling out with Jamie Lynn Spears

During what Britney describes as her involuntary trip to rehab in early 2019: “My dad said if I didn’t go I would have to go to court and I would be embarrassed,” she wrote. I was prescribed lithium and stayed on it “against my will” for months.

“I couldn’t go out,” she continues. “I couldn’t drive a car. I had to donate blood every week. I couldn’t take a bath in private. I couldn’t close my bedroom door.”

From the facility, Britney texted Jamie Lynn Spears, begging for help, she wrote. His little sister’s response, according to the book, was: “Stop fighting. There’s nothing you can do about it, so stop fighting.”

Britney felt betrayed and wrote: “I didn’t understand how Jamie Lynn and our dad developed such a good relationship. She knew I was asking her for help…I felt like she should have taken my side.”

In early 2022, the siblings publicly argued over Jamie Lynn’s memoir, Things I should have said.

Jamie Lynn “hastily told salacious stories about me, many of which are hurtful and scandalous,” Britney reiterates in her book. But, she concludes, she loves her sister, adding: “I try to feel more compassion than anger towards her and towards everyone who I think has wronged me. It’s not so easy.”

E! News has contacted Jamie Lynn for comment. She said on E! Daily Pop in 2022, that she and Britney “go back and forth, but at the end of the day, the love and support will always be there.”


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