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British worshipers stunned when Bidens joins them in Sunday service

Worshipers at a seaside resort in England say they were “stunned” when US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden came for a Sunday service.

The Bidens are in Cornwall in southwest England where the US president is attending a Group of Seven Wealthy Democracies summit.

Sunday morning, before the summit concluded, they were seen attending mass at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in St. Ives.

“I think stunned is probably a very true word,” said Annie Fitzpatrick, 58. “It’s pretty amazing, we walked into the church and they took some details from us and I thought it was a little unusual.

“About 10 minutes after the service, the doors opened and President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden walked in and sat on the bench directly in front of me.”

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The president “quietly continued his prayer like everyone else was doing,” she said, adding: “He looked around and said peace be with you, and I was one of the ‘between them, so I’m delighted. I’m not sure I will ever be able to fully overcome this moment.

Gayle Wood, 63, said Biden appeared to be making a “very generous donation” to the church before he left.

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