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“Bring the performing arts to life”: Paul’O leaves the arena of The Voice with a vibrant appeal to the public – Landéda

The televisual parenthesis closed on Saturday evening for the singer from Finistère who lives in a boat on the Aber Wrac’h in Landéda. Member of singer Vianey’s team, Paul’O was opposed to singer Giada, coached by Florent Pagny, on Saturday, in the cross battles event.

The singer of Brin d’zinc had chosen to interpret “La Corrida” by Francis Cabrel, while his opponent in the evening took over “I am sick” by Serge Lama. The two artists were decided by a vote of the public which gave the advantage to the singer of Italian origin to more than 59%.

“We’ll have to turn off the TV”

The course of the native of Amiens expatriate on the north coast of Finistère therefore stops at the gates of the semi-finals. But before leaving the television arena, Paul’O launched a vibrant plea for places that will usually experience culture, far from the glitz of TV.

“All of us here come from music. We all started in bistros, in small venues, in café-concerts, all those places that bring culture to life in the region and we must not let them down once the crisis is over. You will have to turn off the TV and go to concerts near your home when a small bistro is doing an animation, when there will be street shows, dancers, whatever. Bring the live show to life. Without you, we are nothing. We need you. If we let culture die, what’s the point of continuing? We will not let go, ”he said.

“He upset me, it’s touching what he just said. It’s so true, ”reacted Amel Bent, very moved. Anxious to defend the audience share of his show, host Nikos Aliagas slightly ticked. “If you turn off the TV, I’m fine, but do it after The Voice,” he urged. “On Saturday, turn on the TV, but the rest of the week you can stop it”, then decided Florent Pagny, just to please everyone.

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