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Briec slaughterhouse under investigation after L214 revelations – Brittany

Sows pushed with electric sting carried in the anus, containment boxes that do not allow the immobilization of animals whose stunning requires the use of electronarcosis clamps for long seconds … The video broadcast by L214 has was shot in January and February 2020 in Briec, according to the association. Images described as shocking, in a press release, by the management of the Société briécoise d’assattage (SBA) who said “understand the emotion they can arouse in the public”.

However, the video points to new slaughtering practices that the State services themselves had qualified as non-compliant, in 2016, during an inspection of the SBA slaughterhouse in Briec, a unit of the group. The Musketeers (Intermarché).

In this eight-page report, the Departmental Directorate of Population Protection (DDPP) noted a whole series of non-conformities qualified as minor. Non-conformities relating to premises, equipment and animal welfare procedures.

“The gendarmes will intervene on the spot”

Five years after this check, the images broadcast by L214 seem to show that certain practices have not changed. “Once again, we see the extreme suffering of animals for meat,” denounces Sébastien Arsac, spokesperson for the association. To the point of leading the Quimper prosecutor’s office to open an investigation, after the complaint filed by the association. “The gendarmes and investigators of the DDPP will intervene on the spot”, announced Tuesday, the prosecutor of duty, estimating “the serious facts, even very serious”.

On the video disclosed by the anti-species association, the violent extracts also led L214 to request “an emergency closure of the slaughterhouse”. The slaughterhouse whose management has announced that it has stopped production of the line concerned, “as a precautionary measure”, pending the conclusions of an internal investigation “carried out in conjunction with the health authorities”.

After his complaint for serious abuse, L214 does not intend to stop there. Pointing out the responsibility of the State “for failure to fulfill its mission of controlling the application of the regulations”, the association calls for “a generalized audit of all slaughterhouses in France”, after three other cases brought to light in 2020. The prefecture of Finistère announced that it would communicate on the file this Wednesday.

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