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Brian Cashman gives Aaron Boone a vote of confidence as Yankees struggle to find their swing

Is it time to sound the alarm bells in the Bronx?

The Yankees, according to Yankees fans, are the worst baseball team at 34-32 and haven’t exactly found their rhythm in what is supposed to be a championship-tied season in 2021.

Expectations in New York, as usual, are World-Series-or-bust. While the team suffered no serious injuries, they went through significant offensive discomfort all season and followed a 16-5 streak May 1-28 with a 6-13 streak since.

Speaking ahead of the Yankees’ 6-5 win over the Blue Jays on Tuesday, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman offered a long-drawn vote of confidence to manager Aaron Boone and essentially said the team was ready to face the storm.

I think losing invites us all to scrutiny, and I’d better respond to that because we’re in the same boat together. We made this bed, and we’re going to sleep in it. And we’ll make sure we find a way to fix this together. I believe in the same coaching staff and the same manager who has been very successful here. And so at the end of the day, we are tasked with finding a way to fix what is afflicting us, and the ultimate responsibility for that is me. I told our staff that I had no intention of letting us fail. I’ll find a way to try and get us back on line. I believe that every player in this room is capable of more than what they provided, in some cases not all. And they do too.

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Boone, who helped the Yankees to 100-game winning seasons in 2018 and 2019, hasn’t enjoyed the same success in recent seasons, possibly as part of the shifting roster or a one-dimensional offense. .

The Yankees may be the victims of what has made them so successful in recent years: Even though their 83 home runs are in the top half of the league’s production, their batting average of .236 as a team is lower. at the league average. It’s not great, even in a season where the attack is down in the sport.

Party or famine baseball is still all the rage, although it has bombed the Bombers so far this year. Still, there is plenty of time – and the trade deadline, too – for the Yankees to figure it out. The Yankees will need to play over .600 baseball to stand a chance at the playoffs, or even a wildcard.

But if they fail again, expect George Steinbrenner to turn in his grave. At least, according to the fans.

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