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Brexit: UK delays introduction of EU customs controls

The British government announced on Tuesday postponing the introduction of full customs controls on imports from the European Union, in a “pragmatic” approach while the United Kingdom is already facing supply difficulties.

“We want businesses to focus on their post-pandemic recovery rather than having to deal with new demands at the border, which is why we have established a new pragmatic timetable for the introduction of full border controls. », Declared the minister in charge of Brexit, David Frost, in a statement. “Companies will now have more time to prepare for these controls, which will be implemented gradually throughout 2022,” he added.

Labor shortages

The covid-19 pandemic has caused supply problems in the UK, which are particularly felt in the agri-food sector, where new rules on importing animal products were due to be introduced from next month.

To give businesses more time to adapt, these rules will be pushed back to January 1. The government has also decided that while customs declarations and controls will be introduced on January 1, 2022 as planned, safety and security declarations, such as phytosanitary certificates, will not be required before July 1. 2022.

In the UK, supply problems are magnified by labor shortages, especially in road transport, a problem made worse by Brexit, which makes it harder for European workers to enter the country, especially in road transport. logistics or the food industry.