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Above all, these testimonies show the pride of the “job” and of “feeding France and the French” despite the difficulties. Just like this dairy producer from Nord-Finistère who says he works 12 to 15 hours a day and who has not been able to take a vacation for three years: “I have succeeded in building a great farm as a family”. He will soon pass the baton to his son who has chosen to go organic. A few kilometers away, this conventional pig farmer also explains his pride “in having made his son want to take over the breeding operation”. Or this other conventional milkman who “lives from his profession, while respecting the environment”. This other subject comes up regularly. Breton farmers are thus highlighting the practices put in place for several years to green their practices whether they are conventional, organic or engaged in another approach. “By reducing phytos”, “by limiting inputs”, “by meeting various obligations for more than 35 years” or “to the demands of society”. Others regret that in France, we always ask more of farmers, while “the conventional French responds to the organic constraints of the countries which line the shelves of our supermarkets”. They also have the feeling “of being thrown into the pasture”, “singling out”, while “generally speaking, people find it difficult to get an idea of ​​the reality of our profession”.

“Valuation of production at the right price”

Remains that of many challenges await Breton agriculture, “Job creator”, as this dairy farmer from South Finistère reminds us. Starting with the “promotion of production at the right price”, notes this conventional breeder of Costa-Rican pigs; or the recruitment of a “passionate workforce” for this organic market gardener.

The agriculture of tomorrow? “Do not dream of the short circuit and the local will not feed everyone”, remarks this market gardener, joined by a dairy producer who insists on the cohabitation of models with “a diversified agriculture”, while another insists on ” go organic and stop factory farms! “. “Organic food will only feed those who have the means to pay, and will leave 80% of the population in precarious food”, answers this conventional dairy which points out the paradoxes of the French consumer, ” who loves the land and quality in surveys and who is not able to pay the price for food quality “. In the end, “there is room for everyone! », Concludes this market gardener.

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