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Brest hopes to steal from Rennes the environment pole of justice – Brittany

Barely created in Rennes in April, already transferred to Brest in the fall? The approach would be surprising but it seems more or less on track. According to our information, both Rennes and Brest, the regional justice center specializing in environmental attacks would have a good chance of moving. Joint organizations still need to be consulted, but the political will seems more like that. It is the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, who will decide. He could come and announce it in Brest next month. But for now, the decision would not be taken.

This environmental center deals with the most technical cases or those with the most significant damage in the fields of water, air, soil, waste, buildings, pollution at sea and on the coast, radioactivity, light and noise pollution and technological and natural risks. This would represent a few dozen Breton cases per year. With specialized staff to do it. A reinforcement which would, moreover, be appreciated in Brest.

“Poles of excellence in Brest” in this area

A 2019 interministerial report, devoted to environmental justice, recommended the installation of these new jurisdictions “within courts specializing in marine pollution” (such as Brest, Marseille and Le Havre). It also indicated, however, that the seat should be the same as that of the Jirs (specialized interregional jurisdictions: organized crime, financial delinquency). However, in Brittany, it is in Rennes.

But Brest has not disarmed. The MP for the majority, Didier Le Gac, wrote to the minister this summer (a letter signed by his colleagues Melchior, Le Feur, Tanguy and Senator Canévet). Recalling that this territory has obvious skills in this area. That’s what the prosecutor said from Brest, Camille Miansoni, in January, freshly arrived, during its presentation in formal audience. “There are internationally renowned poles of excellence here”, and he notably cited the Cedar, the’Ifremer, the Ceppol (Center of practical expertise in pollution control). The president of the tribunal, Manuel Delmas-Goyon, was also in favor of the animation in Brest of a jurisdictional center specializing in the environment, in addition to the maritime tribunal. Who will stay there.