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Breizh Storming: how to wish a happy new year in Breton? [Vidéo] – Spered ar vro

Kenavo, bloaz kozh milliget, kit ‘ba’ n toull ho peus meritet! “Goodbye old year, may the devil take you, said the ritornello in essence … 2020 having particularly spoiled us, it is without too many regrets that we will, from this evening, turn the page.

Ar bloaz nevez ‘bado pelloc’h, ha sur’ walc’h e vo kalz gwelloc’h “(The new year will last longer and will undoubtedly be much better), we still hum. Let’s hope so ! It used to be the custom for young people to do, e nozvezh Kalanna (on New Year’s Eve), the tour of the villages singing this other refrain: ” Doni, done, setu noz ar bloaz nevez “. The lyrics, of which here is an excerpt, are still relevant today: ” D’ar re gozh amzer disoursi / Ha yec’hed bepred ‘no zi / Evit gwelet o bugale / Hep trubuilhoù ar vuhez “(To the elders [nous souhaitons] a peaceful year / To be able to stay at home in good health / To see their children / To lead a life without problems).

Hetoù e brezhoneg

Singing is excellent for morale, why not revive this tradition of vows in Breton, from this evening at the end of the fiskoan (eve) or a-hed miz genver (throughout the month of January)! You can also write down hetoù ar bloaz nevez (New Year’s greetings), the most famous of which remains ” Bloavezh mat, yec’hed ha prespolite / Hag ar Baradoz e fin ho puhez “(Happy New Year, health and prosperity / And Heaven at the end of your life). Or, by replacing the second stanza for a more secular version: ” Ha levenez a-hed ho puhez (And joy throughout your life).

Other formulations exist, such as these domestic wishes ” Bloavezh mat, a ti dilogod hag uhel ar bern fagod (Happy New Year, a house without mice and a bunch of good-sized bundles).

Or, more bucolic, ” Dit-te ha d’az familh / Bloavezh mat ha didrubuilh / Ha kalz a vleunioù da gutuilh (To you and your family, a happy new year without worry, and lots of flowers to pick). It’s up to you to choose the formula that will hit the mark for 2021!

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