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brawls between rival gangs, a growing phenomenon?  – RT in French

Aurélie Gros, mayor of Coudray-Montceaux (Essonne) and Guillaume Roux, departmental secretary of SGP Police Unit 91, come back to the two deadly brawls between gangs of young people which took place in less than 24 hours in Essonne.

On February 23, a 14-year-old teenager died following a clash between gangs of young people in Essonne, less than 24 hours after the death in this department of a 14-year-old schoolgirl, also stabbed, during a brawl between minors.

The clashes took place on February 22 and 23 in two different towns, Saint-Chéron and Boussy-Saint-Antoine, about 45 kilometers apart. The two cases do not seem to be linked, according to the prosecution. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced the sending to these two towns of reinforcements of the police: 60 gendarmes in Saint-Chéron and 30 police officers in Boussy-Saint-Antoine, according to his ministry.

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