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Brasserie de Bretagne, based in Concarneau (29), innovates by launching, this year, the very first organic Breton zero alcohol beers: Dremmwel without alcohol 0.0%, distributed in supermarkets and medium-sized stores, and Ar-Men without alcohol. 0.0. %, sold in organic and specialty stores.

Breton organic barley malted in Brittany and used in the Dremmwel 0.0% recipe brings to mind the Celtic character of this blond beer with fruity aromas. “The real difficulty was to create a zero alcohol beer that tasted like beer,” explains Benoît Brasset, method manager at Brasserie de Bretagne. The two references are available in the form of packs of six 25 cl bottles.

Two other new products are on the cards for the Concarnoise craft brewery for 2021: Britt Amber Ale, “an amber beer with notes of roasted cereals”, and Sant Erwann Red IPA, “a high fermentation beer strongly hopped, light and strongly marked by the taste of buckwheat ”.

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