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Brasparts rave party: two young people convicted of drug trafficking – Quimper

Sunday July 18, while the Braspart illegal rave partys ends, the gendarmes carry out checks. They stop a vehicle. Four young people are inside. A strong smell of cannabis escapes. In the trunk, the gendarmes find a banana containing 54 g of ketamine, 145 g of cannabis, € 60 in liquid and a scale. On the rear seats, a bag with 83 g of cannabis resin, 25 g of weed, five sachets of one gram of ketamine, a casserole of one gram of cocaine and a scale.

Why a scale?

They belong to two young people who are tried this Tuesday, in immediate appearance, in the court of Quimper, for drug trafficking. “It is for my personal consumption, explains in the box of the accused, the youngest, 19 years old, from the Nantes region, dressed in a jogging bottom and a hoodie, who had the banana. I had all my consumption on me because I buy my products around the 10th of the month to have them all month. And I don’t want to leave it with my parents ”. “This is the kit of the perfect addict, sums up the president before adding, a little skeptical: With the scale, I find it hard to think that you were not there to sell.” “That is so as not to get entubated by re-weighing the products I buy”, explains the defendant.

Having the handcuffs made me realize that it’s not a life for my parents

Next to him, the other defendant, 21, from the Rennes region. They had come together to the rave party. Whoever had the bag admits to having tried to resell narcotics. But he would not have succeeded because the group had arrived too late on the site, around 4 am.

Not the usual profile of traffickers

The two defendants have no criminal record, work and stay with their parents. “You don’t have the usual profile of traffickers. You realize what you are doing to your parents. A bit of respect ! “The 19-year-old, in drugs for five years, agrees:” I did not realize that it could take me to court. Having the handcuffs made me realize that it is not a life for them. ” ” And for you ! », Adds the president.

Six months firm required by the prosecutor

The prosecutor requires a heavy sentence of twelve months in prison, with six suspended sentences. “When he says it’s for personal consumption, it’s not consistent. He had already weighed his products at home. He didn’t need to have a scale ”.

The court sentenced them to twelve months suspended prison sentence, an obligation to work, to establish a residence and to submit to care measures “You have a sword of Damocles over your head. The ball is in your camp. “

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