Boris begs Rishi to ‘get back together’ to run in UK

Boris Johnson is begging Rishi Sunak, his former chancellor turned Brutus, to “get back together” so he can return as prime minister, at least in name.

Johnson, having achieved remarkably little after finally becoming Prime Minister in 2019 and winning the Conservative Party its biggest parliamentary majority since the 1980s in a snap election – in addition to a Brexit hollow, a burden historically high tax and various green agenda policies, none of his supporters asked for – was kicked out in September after scandals involving violations of his own lockdown regime and promotion of a known sex pest.

The resignation of his Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, played a significant role in activating what Johnson described as the “Westminster herd instinct” that ended his premiership, and Johnson loyalists worked hard to ensure that Liz Truss, not Sunak, would succeed him.

These efforts were successful, with ordinary party members supporting Truss over Sunak by a significant margin, although Sunak was the clear favorite of the parliamentary elite in the knockout votes that winnowed the leadership candidates. up to the last two members authorized to vote.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the nature of the Conservative parliamentary party, they have not tolerated being challenged by supporters whom they consider mere electioneering material, and Truss has already been ousted after the shortest term. prime minister in British history – but the smooth transition to Sunak or any of his supporters they are targeting have now been cast in doubt by the man he politically murdered.

While many expected this time that the leadership ‘contest’ would be held in Westminster without consulting the wider party, Sir Graham Brady – the man who sets the rules in this regard – confirmed that although whether it was a short competition, the approximately 180,000 members of the country at large would still get a holiday. This puts the Sunak faction in jeopardy a second time.

Now, not content with betting seriously on the post-relevance lecture circuit from beyond the political grave, Johnson seems determined to attempt the boldest political comeback in generations by becoming the first prime minister to return to the post of Prime Minister for the second time since the 1970s. In doing so, he would follow in the footsteps of his hero, Sir Winston Churchill, who achieved the same in the 1950s.

Being an institutionally loose organization, many Conservative Party MPs are, unsurprisingly, reluctant to welcome back a man whom the establishment media so despise, but dozens of MPs, including Cabinet Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg have already supported him under the slogan “Boris or Bust”.

Knowing that he is highly likely to win any Ordinary Membership ballot, the party elite has pegged very high parliamentary support for Johnson or any candidate to even enter the leadership race, with 100 endorsements per MPs required – but, as of press time, he was already halfway there, only slightly behind Sunak and well ahead of Bill Gates-backed social leftist Penny Mordaunt.

Johnson, ever pragmatic and ruthless, appears to be seeking shock repair with Sunak, whom he blamed for his downfall and worked so hard not to replace, as his best chance to beat the party establishment. This establishment, currently led by Jeremy Hunt, the de facto Prime Minister supporting Sunak, was crushed by Johnson when they faced off for the leadership of the party in 2019.

“If the Conservatives really want to win in 2024 and want to stop a general election before then, they have to go back to the guy with a mandate who is a seasoned campaigner,” a so-called Johnson “ally” told The telegraphwho is close to the Conservative Party, in reference to the admittedly impressive electoral triumph of the former prime minister in 2019.

“They need someone to lead the fight against Labour. No need to go to a yellow box intersection without knowing how you will get out. Rishi should get in touch and figure out how the two can get back together,” the “ally” added.

“I think we have to bring the group together. They are two big beasts of our party and it makes perfect sense for them to work together,’ Johnson’s backer MP Paul Bristow confirmed in comments to LBC quoted by MailOnline.

It remains to be seen whether or not Sunak could play second fiddle to Johnson – he may be less likely to be content to wait in the wings for his turn to lead than before, given that the Tories’ election prospects are much darker now. at any time since they returned to power in 2010 – but it’s pretty clear that, if Johnson were to return, he would be prime minister in name only.

The ‘right’ faction within the Conservative parliamentary party that inexplicably sees Johnson as one of their own, has long been a captive minority in a party no longer really for Brexit, for immigration controls or even for tax cuts.

As a faction, they may – just – be able to get Johnson into the leadership contest, or even the final two, but as Truss’ ousting and the sacking of pro-Borders Suella Braverman show , they will never be allowed to set the agenda. A revived Johnson administration would implement the platform of establishing open borders, high taxation and managed decline already imposed on Liz Truss – or be quickly destroyed by her own MPs.

But in reality, that might not really bother Johnson – a man who has been for staying in the EU and expanding it to include Turkey, then for Brexit; a man who was for fracking for shale gas, then forbidding it and pursuing net zero; an icon of politically incorrect, then pro-revivalism.

Indeed, for a man who has spent his life climbing to high office like a vine climbs to the sun, with principles and policies unscrupulously embraced and abandoned along the way, serve as an empty vessel for Sunak and his followers. may very well suit Johnson. – whatever it takes to be able to return to be celebrated in Davos and Kyiv and savor the trappings of the office, which are all that really motivates him.

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