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Neither his relatives nor his adversaries really believe in it. Suffice to say that Vincent Bolloré’s promise to release orders on February 17, 2022, the very day of the bicentenary of the family group, has little chance of being verified. “I will go on my 70th birthday, we will have a big fest-noz in Ergué-Gabéric (29), with all the Breton employees,” he confided to Le Monde. Of course, man is attached to traditions and it is certain that the bicentenary will be celebrated more than worthily.

But there is no power transmission. In fact, it has already taken place and it has not changed the primacy of the patriarch. In 2018, Vincent Bolloré first transmitted Vivendi’s presidency to his son Yannick (41). Then, in May 2019, it is Cyrille, 35 years old today, who took over the marshal baton of CEO of the Bolloré group.

This handover was coupled with a transmission to the seventh generation of Bolloré of the bare ownership of the group, the father retaining the enjoyment. In particular, he remained at the head of Financière de l’Odet, the controlling holding company which holds the mandates. “It is perhaps this responsibility that Vincent will abandon in 2022, only he knows,” says a relative. Anyway, it is not a matter of title but of human relationship. As long as he has not let go of the helm, no one disputes that he is the only master on board ”.

Once the father is gone, will a war of succession like in the series of the same name broadcast on HBO take place? Vincent himself ejected his brother, Michel-Yves, from the family group in 1991, we remember within the group. “Yannick, who has for him to have straightened Havas, does not lack ambition, analyzes a close relative of the family. Once Vincent is no longer there, the temptation will be strong to extend his power beyond the Vivendi business unit, as he calls it with annoyance, and to challenge Cyrille for the presidency ”.

A prospect considered improbable in the entourage of the group. “Vincent has stated publicly, nobody will question it afterwards: it will be Cyril the next boss, tempers an adviser. He will certainly have to make room for his brothers and his sister, but he will be the sole leader ”.

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