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Bob Ross without his perm is nothing short of a happy little accident

Bob ross is known as much for his striking hairstyle as for his landscapes.

The artist taught viewers the joy of painting until his death in 1995 (and in the years since, thanks to the lasting legacy of his PBS art exhibition). Now fans are discovering the joy of a good throwback pic in the new Netflix documentary about her life.

In an instant, the filmmakers shared a old photo of Ross in a white T-shirt as he sat at the table. But what stood out most was his slicked, cropped hairstyle, so different from the signature perm he sported on his TV show, which ran from 1983 to 1994.

Netflix even admitted on Twitter that “seeing Bob Ross without his iconic curls and beard is one of the most shocking moments” in the documentary, Bob Ross: happy accidents, betrayal and greed, which fell on August 25.

Some users were clearly blown away, with one writing, “God, he looks so much better without this.” Another joked, “I refuse to believe it’s the same person.”