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Blake Lively trolls Ryan Reynolds pictured in his “Fine Ass Arms”

Regarding its social networks, Blake lively request Ryan reynolds for a simple favor.

the Gossip Girl alum had a little (well, maybe a lot) fun with his special latest shout to his other half on Instagram.

It all started when Ryan shared a photo of himself in his Instagram Stories on July 18, which captured the trials and tribulations of trying to get a Snapping Turtle out of harm’s way. And while that alone sounds impressive, Blake couldn’t help but wonderfully wonder what the real the goal was behind the split of the snap.

The 33-year-old actress shared a screenshot of her response to Ryan’s story on July 19, in which she wrote: “Are we supposed to believe this is not an article about your beautiful arms. ? “

Focusing on what caught his attention, the A simple favor star then uploaded the same pic of Ryan flexing his muscles (unintentionally, we’re sure) at least four times, with everyone zoomed in closer to their biceps than before.

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