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Black youth are moving away from religion for spirituality

FAYETTEVILLE, NC – The evolution, mainly among the younger generations, towards spirituality rather than religiosity is visible in Fayetteville.

Reverend Kelli W. Taylor, chaplain and vice president of religious life and community engagement at Methodist University, said research on the church suggests a shift in young black Christians. The shift from being religious to being spiritual, when religion is defined as adherence to a specific set of organized beliefs and practices, while spirituality suggests a more individual approach to faith and practice, has t she declared.

Stacye Blount, associate professor of sociology at Fayetteville State University, talks about a difference between religiosity and spirituality.

“When we talk about religiosity, or what we can also call religiosity, we are talking about how the measure of one’s religiosity or religiosity is related to the beliefs, practices, rituals in which people participate”, a- she declared. “With spirituality, people seek the sacred to try to find meaning in life, and they trust a higher power.”

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