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Billy Eichner’s gay romantic comedy to make history with all-LGBTQ cast playing all major roles


Call it a romantic comedy revolution: Billy Eichner will not only be the first gay man to write and star in a major studio romantic comedy when his movie “Bros” hits theaters next year, but he’s now bringing it to theaters. some friends with him.

The film is making history once again, with Universal Pictures announcing Thursday that its main cast will only include LGBTQ actors, who will play both the main queer and heterosexual roles in the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The photo produced by Judd Apatow, which “focuses on two gay men with engagement issues who attempt a relationship,” according to the film’s connection line, now also stars “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winner Symone, “Scandal” former Guillermo Diaz, comedian Guy Branum and TS Madison, who recently appeared on this summer’s “Zola”.

“Brothers and Sisters” actor Luke Macfarlane had previously been announced as the other half of the film’s core couple.

“I couldn’t be more proud or excited about the historic nature of the openly LGBTQ + cast of ‘Bros’,” Eichner said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “After queer actors have spent decades watching straight actors capitalize both artistically and professionally by playing LGBTQ + characters, it’s a long-awaited dream to be able to put together this remarkable and hilarious cast.”

“And while ‘Bros’ may be the first of its kind in several ways, my real hope is that this is just the first of many opportunities for openly LGBTQ + ensembles to shine and show the world all that we are. are capable as actors, beyond just being the goofy sidekick, token queer or the “gay best friend” of a straight movie star. And beyond all that this cast is fucking hysterical and you will love them. ”

Nicholas Stoller, who previously wrote the screenplay for “The Muppets” and directed comedies in the same style, including “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, is directing the film, which he co-wrote with Eichner.

When the project was first announced, Eichner, who rose to fame for his acerbic pop culture game show “Billy On the Street,” emphatically emphasized the historic nature of the project.

“In shocking news, BROS will be the first romantic comedy about gay men ever produced by a major studio, and apparently I’m the first openly gay man to ever write and act in their own studio film,” he said. – he captioned the post on Instagram back in March. “It only took 100 years! THANKS HOLLYWOOD !!! ”

On Twitter, he then added, “Honestly, I can’t believe it … move on to Julia Roberts, there’s a new QUEEN com ROM in town!”

Eichner can currently be seen as Matt Drudge in FX’s “Impeachment: American Crime Story” and is also set to star in an upcoming biopic on groundbreaking television icon Paul Lynde.

“Bros” is scheduled to hit theaters on August 12, 2022.



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