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Billie Eilish unveils a new look on the cover of British Vogue

Featured on the cover of British Vogue, the 19-year-old sported a new wardrobe showing off her shape, shortly after ditching her green hair for a blonde.
“She indulges in a fantasy by adopting a ‘classic and old-fashioned pin-up’ look,” the magazine said.

Eilish said she wanted to explore the beauty of corsets, which she knew would annoy people, but was also drawn to their original restrictive function.

It’s a big change for Eilish, who said in the interview that her body was her “deepest insecurity” and was the initial reason for her depression when she was younger, which led her to wear clothes. loose clothing.

She also struggled with how okay people thought it was to show off the skin, but now she says trust is her only gospel.

“My thing is, I can do whatever I want,” Eilish said in anticipation of reviews of her more revealing shoot with British Vogue. “It all depends on what makes you feel good.”

“Showing your body and showing your skin – or not – shouldn’t rob you of respect,” she said.

The release of Eilish’s new look came just days after the release of her new single, “Your Power,” which she called “an open letter to the people who benefit – mostly men.”

Eilish said there was no excuse for men to take advantage of anyone.

“I think it’s so easy for them to lose him. ‘You expect a guy won’t catch you if you wear this dress?’ Seriously, are you so weak? Go! “

Eilish’s new album “Happier Than Ever” is scheduled for release on July 30th.


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