Billie Eilish Kisses YouTuber Quenlin Blackwell at Coachella

Billie Eilish

Kisses YT’er Quenlin Blackwell

…After a new LGBT song

Billie Eilish leans into the fact that she likes girls – she kisses a YouTuber at Coachella…and slaps her while she’s at it.

The singer was filmed at the music festival this weekend, where she kissed Quenlin Blackwell — a Gen Z content creator who’s been hanging out with BE a lot lately…and sparking romance rumors with after that PDA moment.

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Look… Billie could be seen grabbing Quenlin’s face and pulling him in for a kiss while listening to music at the festival. It wasn’t super spectacular or anything…still, a kiss is a kiss.

Not only that… but Billie was also filmed dancing with Quenlin at one point, rubbing her and giving her a few good spanks while the music blared, with both of them on stage.

Billie and Quenlin have been friends for a while… Billie often appearing in QB’s TikTok videos alongside the actress Odessa Azion. They always have fun and are very comfortable around each other…so it’s unclear how serious this really is.

What also makes this interesting is that Billie just released a new song at Coachella… it’s called “Lunch” and it’s about her having feelings for a woman. As we know, Billie came out of last year and revealed that she liked women… although, the the ad was lame.

Anyway… Billie obviously doesn’t hide it anymore, going for the kill with QB. If this turns into something more serious…we’ll see. Billie is only guys out publicly.

Billie’s third studio album, ‘Hit Me Hard And Soft,’ is due out in May – and people are expecting some explosive lyrics.

If his girl-on-girl actions are any indication… get ready to find out more.

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