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Bill Belichick on Cam Newton shortly before Patriots cut QB: “He’s definitely going in the right direction”

There is no room for emotion when it comes to NFL affairs. Just ask Cam Newton.

The veteran quarterback wasn’t just dropped behind rookie Mac Jones on the Patriots depth chart. He was kicked out of the squad on Tuesday, leaving him looking for another opportunity with Week 1 of the 2021 season just around the corner.

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Shortly before the release of several reports that New England had released Newton, Patriots coach Bill Belichick answered questions about the roster during its media availability on Tuesday. Belichick declined to go into details of the list trades until the final cups were officially announced, but answered a question about Newton’s play near the end of his session.

Reporter: “How would you describe the preseason and training camp Cam Newton had?

Belichick: “Again, last year was totally different so I feel like everyone is ahead of where they were last year. Certainly it started at a great point. higher than what he did last year, so he’s definitely going in the right direction. “

Apparently Newton was not going fast enough for Belichick’s taste.

While there was speculation that Newton was fired because he was not fully vaccinated, this was only part of the bigger picture. Jones made a great first impression with the Patriots and excelled during the preseason. He quickly gained the respect of his teammates and seemed comfortable leading the attack.

As for Newton’s future, the former NFL MVP doesn’t seem overly concerned about becoming a free agent.

“I really appreciate all the love and support during this time, but I have to say … please don’t feel sorry for me”, Newton said in an Instagram post. “I’m fine.”

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