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“Big Sky” Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: “The Expedition News”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again about big sky: Just when you think someone is dead, they come back to life roaring (or come back as a slightly less mean twin). So every week as I watch the show like you all do one episode at a time I call it what I see it, and last week what I saw was Scarlet get stabbed to death with a scalpel, and Wolf Legarski being shot, but not fatally.

This week Scarlet is alive (or at least her body is still floating around somewhere) and Wolf is the one who is definitely dead. After last week’s big climax which saw Ronald (and Scarlet, we thought) get killed, Cassie get stabbed, and Wolf and Lindor get shot (not to mention T-Lock also killed by Bob, who is also on the run), it seemed like the ballad of Wolf and Ronald was coming to an end, but we were wrong.

Everyone wants to know where Scarlet is, even the EMT who gets into Wolf’s ambulance. But he’s not just any EMT, he and Wolf seem to have a relationship because he’s part of the sex trafficking syndicate that Ronald and Rick Legarski were part of, and he knows Wolf’s plan to try to rehabilitate Ronald . Now that plan has failed, well, Wolf has to pay, and this EMT suffocates him with a plastic bag. This is a very dense and dramatic pre-credits scene for big sky!

Max, Harper, Madison and Bridger, the teens at the center of this season’s whole mess, reunite now that their entire ordeal is resolved. Madison tells the gang that their parents are sending her and Bridger to boarding school, so Max reaches out for a group hug. Aww. It’s the end of a traumatic era that will haunt them all forever and has led to countless murders! Love you guys!

At Illegal Narcotics, Inc, Tanya explains the finely oiled machine she has set up to produce thousands of synthetic pills every day to Ren and Jag who are very impressed. The siblings then discuss the mysterious Alicia, their father’s girlfriend who they are investigating because something is definitely suspicious about her, but so far they haven’t found anything. They are interrupted when Travis shows up with the large bag of cash he stole from the crime scene last week, and he presents it to Ren. They had their little flirtation, and between that and Travis secretly stealing that money, we still don’t know what angle he’s playing right now. (If his intentions were pure and he was still on the right side of the law, couldn’t he have told Jenny and tagged the money or something? Thread 101.”)

Later, Ren takes Alicia out for blueberry pie at the restaurant, because rather than privately investigating her, she thinks it’s just easier to be upfront with Alicia. Alicia tells Ren’s story: she is an accountant who worked for Verr and they started a relationship, but she also hints that Verr may want to move the family business to Montana because there are problems brewing in Canada. Then she said cryptically to Ren, “You know we don’t have to do this, right?” I like to think that us girls could find a better way.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Ren said. Uh, same.

“I think so,” Alicia replies before leaving the restaurant. What is she talking about?!

As Jenny reports to Sheriff Tubb on the events of the last episode, they receive a call letting them know that her partner, Popernack, has found Bob’s hideout where he hid Max and his mother Rachel. When Jenny shows up, she and Popernack enter the house and find nothing but old tools and a dummy. The officers inside do what all good officers do and start tampering with the dummy. That’s what all crime scene evidence is for, isn’t it, to play with? Jenny realizes the dummy is rigged and shouts “BOMB!” just before it explodes. Popernack was wounded and the two other officers were killed instantly by shrapnel. (Unless they aren’t, because like I said, this show brings whoever it wants to life.)

Our two big city drug dealers, Dietrich and Verr, meet (but not before Travis warns Dietrich that the meeting might be a trap). Dietrich had been one of Verr’s distributors, before the bags of drugs and money disappeared. Dietrich tells him that he is still loyal to Verr, that he was a rogue employee responsible for stealing the loot. Verr is deadpan and tells his son Jag to “get his hands dirty” and deal with Dietrich. He watches Jag beat the crap out of Dietrich, then weirdly, Verr hands Dietrich the bag of money Travis just gave Ren, saying it’s severance pay. We’ve spent this whole season looking for that bag, everyone pretending it’s theirs, and now he just handed it over?! Don’t calculate. When Ren sees Jag, he is visibly shaken by what he did to Dietrich. I mean, he didn’t kill him, why is he so upset? He’s a guy whose bodyguard shot and killed an innocent karate sensei and showed no remorse, why is punching Dietrich repeatedly shaking him? It doesn’t calculate either.

Tanya prepares two truck drivers to give her their first drug delivery, but one of them, Jameson, doesn’t like being told what to do by Tanya (and Travis, who is also there). Travis tells Tanya that tough guys like Jameson who talk out of turn are a danger to the operation, so Tanya says she’ll follow his truck while he makes his delivery to make sure nothing happens. She doesn’t realize that Bob is spying on the drivers, watching their every move. On the road, Jameson stops the truck because Bob has set up a roadblock in the form of a carousel horse which is set on fire (if there’s any symbolism here, it’s lost on me), and when Jameson gets out of the truck to watch, with Tanya watching him, Bob shoots him, takes his keys and steals the truck. Tanya rushes in terrified, and back at the drug ranch, when she tells Ren she lost the shipment, Ren goes mad.

Jenny is sent to investigate Jameson’s death and she finds Travis who tells her that Jameson was driving one of Ren’s trucks. Jenny assumes Dietrich was involved so she and Travis go to the Boot Heel to find him and ask him. Dietrich confirms that this is all Bob does and that he acts alone. But as soon as Jenny and Travis leave, guess who comes out from behind the bar? BOB! Dietrich, full of revenge for the Bhullers, said to Bob, “Let’s go sell drugs!” Except Dietrich doesn’t deal drugs with Bob, he tramples him. He calls the Bhullers, and they show up and kidnap Bob, and the Bhullers’ henchman, Dhruv, tells Dietrich, “Mr. Bhuller thanks you. We’ll be in touch.”

At the Bhullers’, Donno prepares to give Bob a lethal acid bath and refuel breaking Baddissolving his body into goo, and as a last ditch effort to save his life, Bob reveals to Ren that Travis is a cop, a mole in his operation.

Jenny has been getting suspicious of Travis lately. When she visits a recovering Popernack in the hospital, he suggests she watch her around Travis, and later she and Travis tell Sheriff Tubb that they have their eyes on Dietrich, and Travis’ sneakiness. when Tubb wonders why Travis didn’t stop the Bullers raises an eyebrow. No one can know where Travis’ loyalties lie. And after what Bob said to Ren, she especially wants to understand. She calls him over to her house just as Travis’ handler with the state police, Lila Dodge, shows up at Jenny’s office to have an important conversation about Travis.

“What did Travis tell you about the Bhullers?” Dodge asks Jenny. “He told me that they had killed his partner. That the matter was personal. Is not it true ?

“The personal part is,” Dodge says, showing Jenny a photo of a woman who, it turns out, was Verr Bhuller’s mistress-turned-informant and Travis fell in love with her. When Verr discovered she had tipped over, she disappeared without a trace and is assumed dead.

At Ren’s, Travis shows up not realizing he’s entering a setup. Bob is there eating a nice juicy steak, cutting it with a nice sharp steak knife. Ren asks Travis if he’s a cop and he goes “who are you going to believe, me or Bob?” thing, and Ren keeps asking, is he a no cop?

“Would a cop do that?” Travis asks, grabbing Bob’s steak knife and stabbing him in the neck, blood spurting all over the table. I mean, yeah, I saw the news and I’m pretty sure a cop would, but for the sake of this scene, period.

And that still leaves us with the burning question, what is Travis up to? !

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