Biden’s debt deception and more

Diary of Disturbing Misinformation and Dangerous Delusions

This stat:

“The United States has produced more barrels of oil per day under Biden than under Trump.”

– New York Magazine, March 13

We say: Lies, fucking lies and. . . leftist media reports. New York magazine compares average US oil production per day (10.968 million barrels) to all four years in power of Donald Trump – that is, when production had just increased since the lackluster Obama era (7.202 million barrels per day) and then dropped due to the pandemic – with a production for only one year of Joe Biden’s term (11.185 million barrels), as the economy recovered. In fact, under Trump, U.S. production reached 12.289 million barrels in 2019, well above Biden’s first-year figure. Even in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, production was higher (11.3 million barrels) under Trump than Biden.

This claim:

“Government spending is. . . reduction of the national debt. It’s not inflationary. »

– House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Friday, March 11

We say: Pelosi clearly thinks Americans will buy anything. The truth? When you spend more money than you earn, all you have to do is borrow – as more and more Americans now have to do, thanks to the impact of inflation on the power of dollar purchase. Incidentally, despite Pelosi’s blatant misinformation, it is precisely this surge in national debt that is fueling inflation, as even leftist economists (like Clinton Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers) admit.

This test:

A New York Times column suggested that China should help stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
NY Post Compound/istock/Getty Images

We say: The New York Times is often criticized for adopting ideas that could have come directly from the Chinese Communist Party’s playbook. But this week he published a column by a real CCP propagandist, Wang Huiyao, who argued for letting China mediate the talks to end Russia’s war on Ukraine. According to a US government report, Wang is closely affiliated with the party’s United Front Work Department, which is responsible for coordinating “influence operations” both inside and outside China. Most outrageously, the newspaper initially hid his ties, describing Wang as merely the head of a “non-governmental think tank” in Beijing. He later added that he “advises the Chinese government”, but that still grossly understates his role.

This tweet:

We say: Again, Biden tries to take credit for something he had nothing to do with, while ignoring the harm he and his fellow Democrats have actually caused. Yes, the deficit fell, but that’s only because gigantic, bipartisan COVID-related emergency spending plummeted after a vaccine became available in 2020 and the economy began to rebound. Biden & Co. added more red ink in 2021 by passing the US $1.9 trillion bailout package. Oh, and the deficit topped $1 trillion again last year, for only the third time in history.

This title :

The Washington Post published an inaccurate article about Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.
The Washington Post published an inaccurate article about Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.
NY Post Compound/istock/Getty Images

We say: This is the very definition of fake news. The headline – and lede – claim the 133 school supers have urged Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin to abolish a “counseling line” that allows parents to complain about school policies and end his attacks on the curriculum. school “dividing” in schools. Yet the story itself later admits that this is not what happened. The Real Facts: The 12 Members executive counsel from a group representing superintendents, not all members of the group, OK’d a letter urging these measures. Indeed, some superintendents would not even have been aware of the letter.

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