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Biden to meet with private sector on cyber issues next month

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden and members of his national security team plan to meet with business leaders on cybersecurity next month, an official said on Wednesday.

The August 25 meeting comes as the White House scrambles to help businesses protect themselves against ransomware attacks from Russia-based criminal syndicates and the administration also faces an aggressive cybersecurity threat from the government Chinese.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council leaked the meeting, but did not identify which business leaders would attend. The meeting will focus on “how we can work together to collectively improve the country’s cybersecurity”.

The administration has previously worked with the private sector to promote better cybersecurity guarantees and resilience. He launched an initiative to improve standards for critical industries like electricity, and worked with Microsoft after a global hack detected earlier this year that affected tens of thousands of computer systems.

Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin in an appeal earlier this month that he needed to do more to quell ransomware attacks emanating from Russia. In recent months, hackers have launched attacks on a massive fuel pipeline, resulting in gas shortages, and the world’s largest meat processing company.

But China’s cyber activities remain a pressing concern for the administration. On Monday, the administration blamed Chinese hackers for the breach of Microsoft Exchange mail server software and accused Beijing of using criminal hackers who carried out transactions for their own financial gain.


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